Benefits of Smart Home Devices

What is a Smart Home and What are Its Advantages?

If smartphones were one of the main technological developments of the early 21st century; the development of smart and efficient homes programmed with in-house home automation technology will be another of the great steps of the 20s of this century.

Although smart home devices may sound new to most people, in reality, home automation has been a reality in the most advanced homes for more than three decades.

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a house set up where internet-enabled devices and appliances can be controlled remotely automatically via networked devices such as Google Smart Devices.

smart home

Indeed, the functionalities that can be achieved with in-house systems are still quite unknown. But in the luxury construction sector and avant-garde housing, it is something quite common and in high demand. And thanks to these advances we can benefit from synchronized services that bring a varied number of advantages to our lives.

Currently, due to the great proliferation of inventions related to the Internet of Things and Smart Homes, the average public relates home automation with smart products such as Alexa, Amazon, and Google Home. However, home automation is another type of technology that we could call a “closed circuit inside the home” that goes beyond systems connected to the internet.

You can have a fully automated home without relying on massive internet-based technology that can lead to a loss of some of your privacy and the intimacy of your family.

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Why transform your home into a smart home?

Turning your classic home into a smart home isn’t just about following a fad. It also means improving their living conditions. Even if, said like that, it may seem excessive.

A study published by an American firm explained that connected objects and home automation saved us 10 days a year. And with the evolution, for example, connected vacuum cleaners, it is more than 8 days of cleaning per year that we can move on. With connected objects, there are practically two more weeks of vacation each year.

Smart home devices bring more automation to our daily lives. With a simple Alexa routine, in the morning when you wake up, the lights come on, the thermostat heats the bathroom. The coffee machine prepares your hot drink and the shutters open throughout the house. And during that time, you can spend fifteen more minutes in bed.

And this little quarter of an hour can be repeated several times during the day. Not to mention the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that will take care of the floors without you moving from your sofa, or better still, in your absence. Admit it’s motivating!
It’s exciting and certainly worth checking out what home automation can do for you. Take a look at the benefits smart devices of home offer.

Benefits of Smart Devices of Home:

We have already seen that smart home devices can considerably improve our life at home, we are going to specify how.

1. Centralization:

With home automation, we can manage all home devices from the same place. Keeping all technology connected via one single interface is a big step for home management.

All you have to do is control, either from a touch screen located in your home or from an application on your tablet or smartphone. The different devices, and functions: raising and lowering blinds, turning lights on and off, opening blinds and awnings, start up the irrigation system, keep track of the camera circuit, start up the movie theater, control the thermal system. Many functionalities from single devices such as Alexa smart home devices make it extremely easy to keep track.

2. Flexibility:

Smart home systems incline to be more flexible when we talk about accommodating new functions, devices, appliances, or other technologies. With the “scene creation” option, a set of functionalities can be generated that help us, for example, control the lighting of lights and the opening of blinds when getting up or create cozy atmospheres when we have a visitor at home. To change the schedule or sequence of a scene, you just have to modify the parameters. We can also program automatic irrigation or change the exterior lighting at will.

3. Safety:

With the best smart devices, you can keep a closer eye on your home and keep it safe at all times. When we incorporate security and surveillance functions in the smart home network, the security of the home increases. Since we can be present in the surveillance and control even remotely. At all times we can detect movement when there should not be, or receive alerts that the door has been unlocked when no one was expected. The options are vast.

4. Savings:

Whenever we talk about the benefits and advantages of home automation in the home, we cannot forget one of the most important, economic and time savings. An efficiently controlled house with an internal home automation system can save you a good percentage of monthly expenses, as well as time spent on maintenance and control of each area.

If you program the use of the heating during the day and combine it with the automatic on and off of lights, automatic watering, background music, or control of the camera circuit, you will see the great savings that it implies.

5. Comfort:

With home automation, assured the automation of your home. Creating scenes at home periodically according to the needs of each moment will bring you great comfort. Since you can schedule different actions to happen at an estimated time.

Don’t underestimate the power of controlling your home functions from day to day and from a distance. Also, for example, if on an exceptionally hot day you didn’t set the thermostat temperature, you can order your house to cool down just before you arrive.
These benefits are of great importance to opt for the best smart devices installation at home. And best of all, it can be customized to suit each family.


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