The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Halloween is going to arrive this October and with it, the spirits from beyond that come out to wander on the earthly plane. So, to make the experience at home even more chilling, due to the conditions of the pandemic, a good horror movie marathon would come in handy on Halloween.

That is why we recommend the 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix. However, for those who like children’s horror movies, there are also a couple of options for the little ones in the house to enjoy with very fun adventures, with the classic characters that bring Halloween to life.

1. The spell:

This is one of the best scary movies on Netflix. Inspired by a true story, Ed and Lorrain Warren, a pair of experts in paranormal phenomena, come face to face with a demonic entity on a Rhode Island farm, where the Perron family has been terrified by this being of darkness earlier. from the 70s.

The place is far from everything, so the investigators will be facing the most important case, but at the same time the most terrifying of their careers.

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2. IT:

Inspired by the classic Stephen King book, this film has become a must-see on Halloween night, as in the town of Derry, in the state of Maine, children begin to disappear without explanation.

The culprit of all this is the sinister clown Pennywise, who for years has committed murders to satisfy his hunger with child blood. Thus, a group of young men decides to join forces to confront this diabolical entity, which returns to the world every 27 years to continue sowing terror.

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3. Anabelle:

This is one of the highly-acclaimed and best horror movies on Netflix right now. What seemed like the perfect gift for his pregnant wife turned into a real nightmare. And it is that when John Form bought an old doll named Anabelle, he never imagined what would come with it. Because far from the happiness of the moment, an entity from beyond lived in the doll as part of the spell carried out by a sect, which attacks the couple in their own home.

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4. No one sleeps in the woods tonight:

In a rehabilitation camp for teenagers addicted to technology, young people will be subjected to the distancing of cell phones and any type of technology so that they can enjoy the nature that surrounds them in the forest.
However, there is a sinister force in place that will make them suffer more than the disconnection, which led them to try to cure their addiction.

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5. Don’t Breathe:

This is undoubtedly one of the best new movies on Netflix. With the opportunity to commit the perfect and easiest robbery of their lives, some thieves decide to break into the house of a blind man, who lives alone and keeps great wealth.

When entering the place, they will realize that the mission will not be as simple as they thought, realizing that they have made one of the most serious mistakes of their life, which is now in danger when they meet a psychopath who made them prey.

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6. Deliver us from evil:

The NYPD officer, Ralph Sarchie, is investigating a series of mysterious murders that have some very peculiar signs, having a possible relationship with demonic possessions. In running the investigation, he will have to join forces with a priest, who is an expert in exorcisms and with whom he will face never before imagined.

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7. Psychosis:

This movie is also one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix. It is a classic of suspense and horror cinema in which the story of Marion Crane is told, a secretary who steals 40 thousand dollars and in her flight, she stays at the gloomy Bates Motel, owned by the young Norman Bates, who he lives next door with his mother.

Everything seems to be going well with the girl until, when she was taking a shower, a mysterious shadow appears behind the curtain to kill her with a knife.

There, Marion’s boyfriend and her sister started looking for her, beginning a story of intrigue, terror, and suspense.

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8. Poltergeist:

This new version of the one known as Diabolical Games, tells the story of a traditional family that lived in harmony when they discover that their new house has something different, as it is also the home of some entities.

At first, it is believed that they are friendly, that it will not happen from there, but things change and the situation becomes uncontrollable. Especially when the attacks are focused on Madison, the youngest daughter of the family.

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9. Hotel Transylvania:

This animated film has become one of the favorites of young and old. And it is that far from the presence of humans, the most horrifying monsters in history take a vacation in the ideal place to do their thing: The Hotel Transylvania, owned by Count Dracula.

But, this will not be a visit like any other, because Mavis, the daughter of the famous vampire, celebrates 118 years, so a very special party is being planned to which the Werewolf with his entire family, The Mummy, Frankenstein, the Invisible Man and all kinds of creatures will gather at the event.

However, an unexpected guest from the world of humans, sneaks into the celebration, giving a very funny twist to the plot.

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10. Corpse Bride:

This is also one of the Best horror movies on Netflix. When two young men are about to be married in an Eastern European town, Victor Van Dort heads to the forest to practice his vows, but when he puts the ring on an apparent branch, it turns out to be the hand of a dead bride, who he accepts the request and takes the pianist to the underworld.

There begins the adventure of Victor, who will now have to resolve his “marriage” to return to his fiancée, but Emily will not let him go so easily.

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