Top 11 Free Nintendo Switch Games

Top 11 Free Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch is one of the highly admired consoles which was released worldwide in 2017. This console is designed to fit perfectly into your life and transform your home. Nintendo Switch console offers a wide range of game catalogs. If you are looking for a hit and top 11 Free Nintendo Switch games.

Here we leave you with the best Nintendo Switch free games:


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Top 11 Free Nintendo Switch Games:

1. Super Bomberman R Online:

Super Bomberman R Online


Bomberman is a classic in video games and now it modernizes its well-known formula with Super Bomberman R Online. This is one of the popular Free games on Nintendo Switch that allows us to face each other in explosive multiplayer games with up to 64 players in a kind of arcade battle royale that ensures good times and fun competition.

In addition to its approach to online gaming, one of the main novelties of this title is that it allows you to choose from a wide selection of characters, not only the usual ones from the franchise but also other Konami titles, such as the cameos in Silent Hill or Metal Gear.

2. Apex legends:

Apex legends


One of the best battle royale Nintendo Switch games 2020 on the market, Apex Legends, developed by Respawn Entertainment, some action masters who recovered the excellent gameplay of Titanfall to create this multiplayer action game, which has an excellent movement system and flawless gunplay, which makes it a delight to play. Already established in the market and with a seasonal system that renews the proposal every several months, if you like action in the first person you have to try it.

3. Spellbreak:



Spellbreak is the battle royale New Nintendo Switch Games but this time with a fantasy setting, in which we have to get into the shoes of a magician and use his powers to defeat other players. While playing this game, carefully explore the scenarios to gain new powers, such as abilities such as flying, teleporting, controlling time, making yourself invisible, and more.

4. Fortnite:



What to say about one of the biggest hits and Top Nintendo Switch Games in recent times and the history of video games. Epic Games quickly got down to work to try to replicate the success of the incipient battle royale and turned this game into an overwhelming free-to-play hit. This game is all the rage among youth and adolescent audiences with its fun formula. This game offers cheerful and colorful aesthetics and above all, its intelligent content update policy, since every week we have new challenges and incentives to return to play. Without a doubt the most successful free-to-play on Nintendo Switch.

5. Realm Royale:

Realm Royale


This one is also one of the most favorite battle royal games by Hi-Rez Studios. In this game, about 100 players can jump on an immense map. They collect weapons before beginning the fight. However, this game doesn’t abide by the normal rules of the genre. A player needs to select any of the 5 fantasy classes that will change the style of the combat as well as the game.

6. 1943 – The Battle of Midway:

1943 – The Battle of Midway


If you download Capcom Arcade Stadium, in which you can buy different packs of Capcom classic games, you will receive 1943 – The Battle of Midway for free, a hilarious shoot them up that was originally released in 1987. In this game the time goes by, being as entertaining as more than 30 years ago. In addition, you can even enjoy it between two players, a lifelong shooter that you will always want to have on hand on your console for a quick game.

7. Rogue Company:

Rogue Company


Rogue Company is one of the latest free Nintendo Switch games from Hi-Rez Studios, creators of Paladins, which this time offers us a tactical team action game from a third-person perspective. In this game, we control a series of elite agents each with their weapons and abilities and also have gameplay and cross-progression with the rest of the platforms.

8. Vigor:



Vigor is also one of the multiplayer free Nintendo Switch Games. It is a third-person shooter game where players have to overcome unpredictable challenges to compete with other users for resources, in a challenging mix of survival and direct action. Confront or cooperate with other players, search for resources, fight for the materials that fall from the sky, and escape to the safety of your Refuge, where you will build improvements and level up.

9. Warframe:



Within the genre of action and with third-person combat, we have Warframe, a game that has been compared to other shooter looters such as Destiny, with the difference that this is also one of the free Nintendo Switch games. However, it does not mean that therefore less care and less content. Very dynamic gameplay, a large number of options when choosing our combat system with modules, and a lot of content make Warframe a surprisingly complete free-to-play. and that also has a great version on Nintendo Switch, being a technically quite powerful game. If you’ve never tried it, give it a try and you might be hooked.

10. Pokémon UNITE:

Pokémon UNITE


Pokémon Unite is a MOBA in which we compete online in 5 vs 5 battles in which we can control some of our favorite Pokémon of the characters available today. Unlike other similar titles, here our objective will be to accumulate points by defeating rivals and wild Pokémon to later score them in the goals of the rival team. The maximum duration of the meetings is 10 minutes, so the games are quite fast, agile and direct.

11. Ninjala



In appearance, this exclusive multiplayer action game for Switch is reminiscent of Splatoon, but Ninjala has its personality, offering frenzied melee combat between 8 players in which there is usually one.

It also offers cooperative 4v4 battles, so you can join your friends to fight in teams. The game is committed to a system of seasons, already common in this style of titles, to gradually introduce new features and new aspects with which to attract players.

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