The Best Drones for Beginners

Thanks to technological innovation, the best drones for beginners are easier to pilot than ever, have been packed with useful features, and are much cheaper.

Now they allow us to take incredible videos and photos from the sky without using a helicopter or crane as in the past.
If you have never flown a drone and are looking for the best budget drones on the market, or if you are in the process of transitioning from a toy drone to a more advanced one, this blog will help you decide which starter drone to buy.

The Best Budget Drones for Beginners:

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1. DJI Tello:

DJI Tello



Weight: 80g

Dimensions (folded): 3.9×3.6×1.6 in.

Controller: Yes

Video resolution: 720p HD video

Camera resolution: 5MP (2592×1936)

Battery life: 0.22 Hours

Max Range: 330 feet (100 meters)

Max Speed: 17.9 mph

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The Tello DJI is a surprisingly cheap drone that comes with a high-definition camera and new smart modes that will provide you with an incredible flying experience.

This is one of the best camera drones which is built with ABS plastic, high-quality material, and very resistant to shocks that will allow you to crash it while you learn without fear of breaking it. In addition, it is very small and comes with covers for the propellers, characteristics that make it capable of flying through the rooms of the house with greater safety.

One-touch automatic takeoff and landing, 360-degree stunt mode, EZ shots, and functionality that lets you launch the drone up and start flying autonomously.

The DJI Tello is an extremely inexpensive drone, stable in the air, and easy to use. Also, it has 5-star ratings on Amazon, and seeing the evolution of the market, it will continue to be one of the best drones with cameras for a long time.


– Strong and durable construction
– Extremely easy to fly
– HD 720p camera good resolution
– Accurate and safe flight modes


– Being so light it is susceptible to strong wind

2. Syma X5C:

Syma X5C


Weight: 900g

Dimensions (folded): 12.2 x 12.2 x 3.1 inches

Controller: 2.4Ghz Remote Control

Video resolution: 720p HD video

Camera resolution: Equipped with HD Camera

Battery life: 130 min

Max Range: 50 meters

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This is also one of the best cheap drones. The Syma X5C is a beginner drone with an HD camera, which left us speechless when we put its performance to the test for such a cheap price.

The camera on this off-roader from the skies is vastly improved compared to the first version released by Syma. In addition to improving the video quality, they have installed powerful engines that will allow you to perform stunts and make it roll up to 360 degrees on its own axis.

Opening the package of the drone I was amazed at how small it is, weighing only 150 grams it is capable of fighting moderate winds and comes with satisfactory battery life.

If you have never flown an aircraft and you want a drone that is easy to handle, cheap, and extremely fun, you don’t have to look any further, because the Syma X5C is your ideal drone.


– Unbeatable value for money
– Sharp and stable 720p HD video
– Easy to fly and a lot of fun
– Compact and robust design


– The remote has no display

3. DJI Mavic Mini:

DJI Mavic Mini


Weight: 249g

Dimensions (folded): 140×82×57mm

Controller: 2.4Ghz Remote Control

Flying time: up to 30 minutes

Video resolution: 2.7K 30fps

Camera resolution: 12MP

Battery life: 30 minutes (2400mAh)

Max Range: 4km / 2.5 miles

Max Speed: 47kph / 29mph

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The Mavic Mini is one of the best drones for beginners. Realistically, if one day you get to try this wonder, you will never want to know anything about all the other drones that we have analyzed in this ranking.

If it is not in the first position, it is because we think its price is somewhat high to be your first quadcopter. However, the Mavic Mini has obstacle sensors that make it virtually impossible to crash, and it comes with an intelligent flight system that will take care of taking off and landing for you.

It also has the most advanced flight modes on the market, such as follow me mode, orbit, GPS position, quick shots, and Cine Smooth.
In short, the quality of its camera, the wide variety of intelligent flight modes, and the ease of use have made the DJI Mini one of the best beginner drones of 2021.


– Impressive 2.7K Full HD camera
– Foldable and easy to transport drone
– 30 minutes of battery life
– Ultra-stable photos and videos
– Obstacle detection system


– Price is somewhat high (although it is easy to justify it)

4. Xiaomi MITU:

Xiaomi MITU



Weight: 88g

Dimensions (folded): 3.58 x 3.58 x 1.5 inches

Controller: 2.4Ghz Remote Control

Flying time: About 10mins

Video resolution: 1280 x 720 HD Videos

Camera resolution: 720P

Battery life: 30 minutes (920mAh)

Max Range: 50 meters

Max Speed: 5.8 GHz

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This is also one of the best drones for kids. The Xiaomi MITU is the lightest, cheapest and smallest drone of all that Xiaomi has made to date. To fly you simply have to download the official Xiaomi application on your smartphone and connect it to the Xiaomi MITU. Once this process is done, you will be able to control the drone from your mobile device and access a wide variety of flight modes.

The feature that we liked the most about this starter drone is HD camera quality, as it offers good results even in poorly lit scenes.
In addition, it comes with protectors for the propellers that will allow you to fly the drone inside the house without hurting you or the rest of the house.

The model is a robust and compact drone. It is without a doubt one of the best drones for beginners you can buy if you have never flown a drone.


– The easiest beginner drone to fly
– Altitude control and automatic takeoff
– Good definition HD recording
– Strong with great durability


– 10-minute flight battery

5. Potentic A20:

Potentic A20


Weight: 91g

Dimensions: 3.1 x 1.25 x 3.5 inches

Remote Controller: 2.4GHz

Flying time: 15-18 min

Video resolution: 1280 x 720 HD Videos

Camera resolution: 720P

Battery life: 10 to 13 min

Max Range: 30 meters

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The Potensic A20 starter drone is a cheap and fun little drone that represents an ideal choice for novice pilots.

It is so stable and intuitive that we can fly through the hallway and the furniture of the house with ease, as well as fly outside when there is not much wind.

It has a special slot in the battery area to prevent a small child from accessing it. In addition, it comes with four protectors for the propellers that provide greater security.

Regarding the flight modes, the Potensic A20 comes with an automatic take-off and landing function, which is activated simply by pressing a button. It also has a very precise steering control system, which allows us to keep the drone floating in the air and guarantees its stability.

The A20 is one of the best entry-level drones on the market and costs less than a night out for dinner.


– Small, resistant, and easy to fly a drone
– Designed to fly indoors
– Protective covers for propellers
– It is stable in air and very intuitive


– 6-minute battery life (comes with 2 batteries

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